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Article of Lead theft on Historic Buildings by Angus Brown - Director E-bound AVX

Although lead theft is not such a regular news item as it was in 2013, the threat to historic buildings from this crime has not gone away. Lead theft is directly linked to its scrap value which has soared during the last six years from less than £400 per tonne to a peak of more than £1,200. 17/11/2014

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— http://www.buildingconservation.com/books/churches2014/#30/z


An average of seven churches a night are attacked by metal thieves, who target gutters, railings, plaques and other items. 23/02/2012

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— http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17148442, BBC

Hands Off Our Church Roofs!

Churches across the country are being blighted by the theft of lead and copper from their roofs. For criminals keen to cash in on the high price of scrap metals, places of worship often make an obvious target.
It’s a rapidly growing problem that’s causing untold distress to our parish communities and it’s reaching epidemic proportions - 2011 was the worst year on record for the number of metal theft claims from churches.

In fact, over the past four years, metal theft claims from churches we insure have now exceeded £25m, with over 9,000 claims. 23/02/2012

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— ecclesiastical.com, Ecclesiastical Insurance

Special movement sensors are to be hidden in spires and finials triggering a booming voice to take intruders by surprise warning that they have been detected and that security guards are on their way.

The initiative, backed by the Church of England, the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Home Office, comes after the rate of metal thefts reached “catastrophic” proportions in some dioceses with an average of seven churches targeted every day.

An insurance company has donated £500,000 to pay for hi-tech alarms to be fitted in 100 churches in England, Scotland and Wales judged to be most at risk. 23/02/2012

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— telegraph.co.uk, Telegraph

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