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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

There are very few sights more devastating than a blazing church.

Not only is the phyiscal fabric of the building lost forever, but the personal memories of the community which has worshipped there, in some cases for generations. The consequences of a fire can be overwhelming in terms of damage to property, injury and even potential loss of life. It can also mean months, or even years, of closure while repair efforts are carried out.

Services will have to be held in other buildings while outside groups are forced to find other premises, or will close down due to lack of facilities and funding. All in all, a dreadful situation; however, one which can be avoided in most cases.

Fires often start when nobody is around, thus the most important element being early detection. E-Bound Wireless Smoke Detectors are linked to your external roof alarm panel, meaning the same technology that we use to alert in the event of a roof intrusion is used to transmit a fire alarm warning to our NSI Gold Monitoring Centre. If your alarm is triggered - through accident or arson - you are alerted within seconds and can summon the emergency services as required.

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