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Internal Alarms

Lead theft from the external aspect of a building is not the only problem you face as the customer, nor the only problem we face as your service provider. It is not always the lead from your roof the thieves are after, nor all they will damage; and it is unfortunately common for individuals to attempt to break into a building solely to cause damage to your property.

Our internal alarms, teamed with other means of protection (such as CCTV), can serve, like our other products, to protect buildings and people before any damage or harm takes place. Our internal alarms use a combination of CCTV and wireless PIR detectors connected to a wireless alarm panel which can be used to contact the authorities at the moment of unautherised intrusion.

PIR detectors are placed in the corner of rooms at possible points of entry. We do not install detectors in areas it would be impossible to breach without first breaching another zone (this saves the customer money on needless hardware and our engineers time and labour during installations).

For more information about E-Bound Internal Alarm installation or any other products, please see our contact page to find out who to get in touch with.