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Highly Advanced Gangs Using Drones to Identify Potential Targets for Metal Theft
13th October 2015

Recently published in The Independent has been an article about the resurgence of lead theft from church roofs, seeing hundreds of churches falling victim to metal theft, being targeted by gangs using drones to survey potential sites before stripping the lead from the roof.

These criminal groups are attempting to determine the sites from which they can recieve the most profit (in some cases tonnes of metal worth tens of thousands of pounds) and thus are resorting to very sophisticated methods such as the use of drones and Google Earth to find the most lucrative targets.

Read the full story on The Independent.

Suffolk Historic Churches Trust Commit to Widespread Installation of E-Bound Alarms
13th October 2015

The Suffolk Historic Churches Trust have recently commited to installation of our roof alarms county-wide as part of their Alarms for Churches scheme. This commitment is especially important in the wake of numerous thefts in the Suffolk area over a very short period of time.

The goal of the Alarms for Churches scheme is, through teaming up with E-Bound, to have 100% of the Suffolk lead roof churches protected with E-Bound alarms by Christmas 2016, if not earlier.

It is well known by our customer base that E-Bound can conduct a survey within hours and install an alarm system within a day; it is estimated that over 150 churches are on the "at risk" list in Suffolk, and while it cannot be promised that alarms will be installed on every site overnight, the scheme does intend to work as rapidly as possible to protect those at risk.

The process of getting an alarm contains three steps: enrolment; survey and order; installation. It is designed to be a simple, fast track route for the PCC to ensure the service is as accessible as possible. For more information, please contact the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust.

Ecclesiastical Cover Increase
18th September 2015

Ecclesiastical Insurance have recently raised their cover to unlimited. The insurance company have campaigned relentlessly to try and reduce metal theft and they believe the best deterrent is a high quality roof alarm, such as those provided and installed by E-Bound; and their own claims experience has now proven this to be the case

E-Bound alarms are Ecclesiastical approved and as of the 1st August 2015 there will be no applicable limits to churches holding policies for theft or attempted theft of external metal and subsequent damage as a result of the theft or attempted theft. Better yet, there is no additional premium for this increased cover.

On top of this, Ecclesiastical may now provide cover while scaffolding is erected, provided an approved roof alarm is fitted and the scaffolding meets their requirements. Further details should be sought from Ecclesiastical Insurance directly.

This is excellent news for all our customers, that cover of your church is now unlimited, subject to existing policy conditions.

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