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People Counting

In total we have three types of People Counting Camera: V-Count 2D, V-Count 2D (3G), and V-Count 3D.

The products have an average of 96% counting accuracy and our V-Count 3G people counting device, in addition to being one of the best available globally, is the only GSM ready, "plug and play" hardware available, making it incredibly easy and cost effective to deploy. Moreover, being 3G, the people counting data is be transferred via the GSM network, so the hassle of pulling network cables and interfacing with the clients' IT infrastructure is eliminated.

The most recent 3D V-Count we offer (which will will soon be available in 3G also) has up to 98% count accuracy and can work outdoors, on public transportation etc. This one has two lenses and thus has the ability to calculate depth meaning it can count adults and children separately.

Our people counting solutions are all bidirectional, meaning they count people entering and exiting a door simultaneously and they report these numbers separately. They can compare people traffic to different metrics such as the weather forecast on a daily basis and for example can show you whether there is any correlation between busier days and the weather. These are all new features and only available with V-Count. Other metrics are revenue, checkouts, staff count etc. and again these can be personalised according to your needs.

In addition to counting at entrances and exits, we can provide an in-store analytics solution, using heat-mapping cameras in the stores. These provide data on customer dwell times in particular areas and is a great tool for measuring the success of in-store promotions, shelf and window displays and can be used to track and monitor new product launches and marketing performance in general.

We can also provide staff tracking. This means you may track the staff to customer ratio on an hourly basis and then match the number of staff to customers accordingly. This also allows the most accurate customer count by subtracting the number of staff in the store at any time.

For more information about E-Bound People Counting solutions or any other products, please see our contact page to find out who to get in touch with.