Just a few reasons why you may choose us to protect your church:

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E-Bound AVX Ltd

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E-Bound AVX Limited is a private limited company registered in England.  Registered number 6930086.

Trading Address: Litton House, Saville Road, Westwood, Peterborough PE3 7PR.


Registered Office: 7 Swan Court, Forder Way, Cygnet Park, Peterborough PE7 8GX


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E-Bound is engaged in technology development and the creation of new products based on visual and infra-red related technology, such as intelligent detectors, battery and power management and camera technology.


Our combined experience is in intruder detection technology, specialist photography, covert surveillance, digital communication and the marketing of those skills spans several decades and we keep a narrow focus on what we are good at.

The company specialises in roof alarm protection for churches in the UK. We have been established since 2009 and have installed almost 1000 alarm systems across the country. We also work closely with and are approved by all leading church insurers.


We recognise the unique challenges presented by the need to protect churches.  In severely challenging conditions, including our bespoke systems installed at almost 1000 buildings throughout the UK, the E-Bound church roof alarm system has consistently demonstrated success.


Where Quality Endures

Our Exclusivity


We are true specialists in our field. We do not "dabble" in church roof alarms as part of a general security alarm company. Nor do we undertake just any alarm installation work.

Our Quality


Each of our church alarm systems are uniquely designed to cope with the significant challenges presented by buildings of such historic importance. Our commitment to constant innovation is required to stay one step ahead of those with criminal intentions.

Our Coverage


We supply alarms nationwide to a variety of churches and other historic buildings with almost 1000 alarm systems installed all over the UK. We perform free surveys, so we always come to you.