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E-Bound Church Roof Alarms

During the last twelve months, our systems have recorded over 358 activations that have thwarted what were considered attempts by intruders to breach a monitored roof. In support of our mission to eradicate metal theft, We are also pleased by dozens of reports involving thieves caught “In the act”, Many of which led to arrests by the police. This is a testament to the reliability of the E-Bound alarm system, Which offers a substantial layer of protection by warning of intrusions.


The price of scrap lead remains high, which could see a return to the high level of thefts experienced during the past few years making attacks on churches much more likely.


These are just a few of our latest and greatest saves.


Save at church in Northamptonshire, no damage, but church nearby hit by lead thieves

Save at church in Suffolk, no damage to roof or alarm. Thieves seemed to leave in hurry

The alarm sounded at a church in Suffolk at around 1am


The church received the call from our Alarm Receiving Centre as per our usual procedure.


They later checked the roof for damage, finding two of our sensors damaged, both of which sent a tamper signal before being disabled. The sensors have since been replaced and a full system check carried out as per our standard practice.

Save at church in Suffolk, sensor tamper signals alert

The alarm sounded at a church in Leicestershire at around 3pm.


Guards were called and attended the church and carried out an external check, found no definite signs of intrusion.


Builders that were working on the church roof noticed the tarpaulin and the batons holding it down have been tampered with. This shows that that thieves tried their luck at a vulnerable church but were scared off by the alarm.

Save at church in Leicestershire, builders on site discover tampering on roof

Save at church in Hampshire, tamper signals, no damage

The alarm sounded at a church in Northamptonshire at 6pm, again at 7pm and a third around midnight.


Wardens of the church we're contacted as per our regular procedures.


Our team has visited the church since and confirmed there were intruders on the premises, but no damage had been done to the roof or the alarm.


Unfortunately we learned a church a few miles away had lead stolen.

The alarm sounded at a church in Suffolk around 6pm.


Wardens of the church were contacted as per our regular procedures.


Our engineers visited the church and confirmed no damage to the roof or alarm was found, though found signs that the thieves may have left in a hurry down the church guttering.


We explained to the church that there has been increased activity in the area and to keep vigilant.

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Save at church in Cambridgeshire, intruders left behind beer bottles

The alarm sounded at a church in Cambridgeshire at 11pm.


The church discovered a small amount of lead had been tampered with on the roof, but no further damage. The intruders left behind beer bottles, which we suggested to keep for Police evidence should they need it.


Any damage done to a church is devastating, we wholeheartedly believe that the instalment of a reliable roof alarm can minimise damage caused and the cost of repairs.

The alarm sounded at a church in Hampshire several times between 7pm and 8pm.


Church contacts were called by our Alarm Receiving Centre and checked the premises accordingly.


The church has since had a visit from E-Bound for a system check, there were clear signs of activity on the roof and tampering with the sensors.