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The E-Bound Roof Alarm

We do not believe there is a "one-size fits all" solution to the challenges faced by churches, despite the many similarities in places of worship.  Each alarm system must be designed on a bespoke basis, hence our insistence on a thorough site survey and report. We provide real-time monitored solutions and live alerting of intruder detection, in order to deter the perpetrators before significant damage is caused.

How Does The E-Bound Roof Alarm System Work?

The E-Bound Roof Alarm system comprises multiple detectors, arranged into a digital radio network and located on the roof of the church in order to detect and deter the moment any unauthorised access is made to a protected area.


E-Bound roof alarm systems are designed to operate on the basis of rapid detection & deterrence before an opportunity for damage has arisen.


The detectors sense intrusion because they are tuned to detect the presence of a human-sized target moving around on the roof. When an intruder enters the detector’s supervised area, the detector senses this presence using an algorithm exclusively designed by E-Bound. Should the software determine a credible threat to the roof, the alarm will trigger.


When the alarm is triggered, a voice-enhanced sounder and blue strobe lights activate, in order to deter intruders from trespassing further. The alarm system then relays immediate intrusion alerts to an NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre, who take action based on your previous instructions – this may include the immediate dispatch of security personnel.


Therefore the system will trigger immediately and is not dependent upon the transmission of images before the alarm sounds.


The E-Bound system is designed to be constantly active and incorporates a mute circuit, which silences the system for a pre-determined period, should this be required. The system will re-arm automatically following the mute period, thereby eliminating the risk of someone forgetting to reset the system.

The E-Bound Scaffold Alarm

Here at E-Bound, we understand that ecclesiastical buildings require a certain degree of maintenance and can sometimes have scaffolding erected for months. This can represent a significant extra risk to the church roof. In order to mitigate this, we have adapted our alarm system to be used on scaffolding. When used with an E-Bound Roof Alarm System, extra protection can be offered for the church and the roof and this may result in insurance cover being provided, even whilst scaffolding is in use. You should check with your architect, contractor and insurance company for full details of the cover that may be offered. We believe using both the E-Bound Roof Alarm System and E-Bound Scaffold Alarm provides an extra layer of protection when a church is vulnerable due to building works.


Internal & CCTV Systems

CCTV when applied correctly can minimise damage by deterring and thwarting incidents before they become crimes and if used correctly has the ability to stop damage being caused to people or property. CCTV is seen as most beneficial when it is used in conjunction with other security measures such as local recording and Remote Video Response.  Its event-driven nature can actively attempt to stop incidents developing into crimes.

The E-Bound Fire Alarm

There can be few sights more dreadful than a blazing church. Not only is the physical fabric of the building lost forever, but the personal memories of the community that has worshipped there, in some cases for generations. The consequences of a fire can be overwhelming in terms of damage to property, injury and even potential loss of life. It can also mean months or years of closure while repairs are carried out. Services will have to be held in other buildings while outside user groups will be forced to find alternative premises, or will close down due to lack of facilities.


All in all, a devastating situation - but one that can be avoided in many cases. Fires often start when nobody is around, so the most important element here is early detection. E-Bound Wireless Smoke Detectors are linked to your roof alarm panel, meaning the same technology that we use to alert in the event of a roof intrusion is used to transmit a fire alarm warning to our NSI Gold Monitoring Centre. If your alarm is triggered - through accident or arson - you are alerted within seconds and can summon the emergency services as required.

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Our Products
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